So I wanted to do a “Twelve Days Of Christmas Shopping” feature this year for my first bloggy Christmas but now that we are down to crunch time (and I still don’t have all my cards sent out!) I’d better just start flinging out ideas like a holiday pinata.

This internet ad image above was emailed to me a couple of years ago from a major shopping site (I think it was Shopbop?) The minute I saw it I grabbed it and pasted it to my desktop for festive inspiration and to glamourize the general madness & fun of the seasons shopping.  I thought this might be a good place to start – with my own version of Christmas Shopping Survival Blogging!.  So strap on your minty green, chiffon dresses and some long, winter white gloves and let’s go…!

What could possibly be more of a time consuming hassle than the massive holiday mailings that we foolishly undertake?  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the decadent ritual of mailing real, paper cards with cool vintage stamps and pretty holiday seals but here’s a simple purchase that can’t fail to make the tradition more easy & fun to handle:

I recently purchased a new address stamper (new home, new stamper!) from 2impress at etsy:

I went with the “HELLO!” version which I LOVE!  So sweet but also modern and sharply designed that it really pops off the envelope especially when you use bright inks with it.  I’m mostly doing royal blue and some green on my envelopes this year.  The “CHEERS!” version is also fun if you want to add a British spin to your postings.  They have a lovely group of traditional and whimsical stampers too so for $19.95 you really can’t go wrong.  It’s a bit too late to get them for this season but order now and it will make all of your 2012 mailing extra decorative and fun.

So now I’ll get back to finishing the final few cards before I go on Santa’s “naughty list”  ; P

Keep watching for more festive thoughts to come!  xoxo