I’ve been MIA in the blog world lately due to massive holiday culture shock.  At least that is the story I’m sticking too since it sounds convincing and is slightly supported by the fact that this will be our first Christmas/New Years on the west coast so clearly it must be the most time-consuming and difficult.  But none of that has slowed down my shopping and I wanted to share my recent find on Ebay:

This cute, little snowman snow globe is a blast from my past.  We had one exactly like this when I was younger but all the wear and tear of the years drained the water out of that globe and sadly back then (1980’s) when things were broken you just threw them away or at least my retro minded mom did. So Frosty went in the trash bin one year after Christmas when I wasn’t looking and I’ve missed him ever since.  So glad to have this guy in my snowman collection now – lots of these come up for sale online but rarely this version which I think is the best.  I’ll have to do a photo of him with his snow-globe girlfriend and the rather creepy snow-globe-belly Santa with a very nervous looking deer slung over his shoulder.