“Christmas morning she’ll be happier with a hoover”?
 …Guess again 1950’s advertisement…!!!  So what does the modern woman want, aside from not having her intelligence insulted by being presented with cleaning tools that have been camouflaged as ‘happy’ gifts?

Well I can always think of clothing, accessories and shoes I’d love to have but in these tough times practical items might be more desirable than expensive non-essentials.  But there’s no need for practical to equal not pretty right?  So I’m going back to essentials this year and putting traditional sleepwear on my santa list. I mean, who couldn’t use some new pajamas?

Here’s an amazing pair I LOVE by Bedhead:

It’s their “Polly Sateen Classic PJ” And YES, this style was worn by Zooey Deschanel in her new tv series on FOX; “New Girl”, several episodes ago – I saw the episode the night it aired (I’m a BIG fan) and noticed this cute parrot pattern right away, and now I can’t get them out of my mind.  But these fancy Polly-parrot (NOT polyester!) pjs come with a super fancy price ($136 at bedheadpjs.com) so you might want to shop around before committing to these…

To the right there’s a more reasonably priced but equally cute pair from Victoria’s Secret; The Afterhours Satin Pajama, in pink stripes for $59.  These remind me of the Ralph Lauren satin, striped, purple PJs I got a few years back – but this is a much better price than RL!  And check out the classic black piping on all of the edges too…nice touch!

Lastly, check out this truly practical flannel pair to the left; The Dreamer Flannel Pajama, also VS, on sale for only $29.99!  These are great if you need to be really warm plus if you enlarge the picture you will see that these have pretty, scalloped edges and also matching slippers to boot!  There are loads of pajama choices out there but I’m really feeling these soft, girly, pink patterns right now.  Plus vertical stripes work for everyone so you know you’ll look as good as you feel when you wear these!

Let me know what pretty and practical items everyone is looking for this year.  There’s nothing like the satisfaction of finding a great price on something you REALLY need that is beautifully designed ~ it’s a Holiday shopper’s true bliss…!