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This is our first Christmas in Santa Monica, CA and if that, plus the amazing weather wasn’t enough cause for our current joy we ALSO now live in a townhouse with a real front door that goes directly out into the world!  This is pretty amazing to someone who spent the last 15 years in NYC.  So around Halloween this year I started researching actual, full-sized, door-wreath type decorations just to see what I might want to do with this delightful new resource for the holidays.

Of course I always start checking online at the usual suspects (Ebay, Martha, Crate & Barrel) and there are a lot of possibilities out there but I then stumbled upon a shop at Etsy.com that brought wreath design to a whole new, artistic level that just couldn’t be ignored!  Melissa Clark from Utah is the master mind behind these incredible, unique and sure-to-catch attention designs at The Chicadee Shop.  The three I have posted below show a range of whimsey & vintage flare, edited to perfection with matching, gorgeous ribbons to compliment each design. The prices are a bit above what you might pay at Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn for their mass produced door decorations but by buying one of these exceptional wreaths you are getting a small treasure, made to your order, that will last a lifetime & more and never fail to delight the eye and mind ; ) Note the wonderful use of a vintage Frosty the Snowman card on the first wreath plus vintage poinsettia labels…and the FAB vintage, brush bottle Christmas trees in the third wreath down – I’ve been wanting to craft with these ever since I saw this creation.

I also DID nab a SUPER AMAZING Halloween wreath from this shop that I actually still have up and hanging in our house – it has a vintage, Beistle, pumpkin party favor  attached to the front and thick, black & white, corduroy fabric woven around it – this honestly looks even more perfect and finely detailed in person and that’s unusual for me to say (super picky gal) about any design – even my own!  I really don’t EVER want to take it down! (see below…) I just wish it came with this awesome green door that Melissa must have photographed it hanging on.  I suppose now that I have a front door of my own I’ll start getting picky about it and eventually want to buy a vintage one just make it look more cool!  Thank goodness the shopping madness never ends!  HO HO HO!!!  xoxo