Well actually it’s a LEOPARD…a leopard print that is…!  After many years of grueling search I have finally tracked down a Vanity Fair nightgown & robe (peignoir set) that looks almost exactly like the one I remember my mom had years ago. Sadly, my mom was not the sentimental type about material objects and decided one day to give the gown to me and my sister so we could chop it up and dress our barbie dolls in it.  This was actually wonderful of her since I was only into fashion design for dolls at that age… but looking back I could just smack the heck out of myself for this desecration.  This sort of vintage item in a set and in perfect condition is a rare find and usually costs heaps these days.  Here’s a vintage Vanity Fair Advertisement showing what the gown/jumpsuit looks like – it’s backless with only a few criss crossing, nylon cords looped together in a simple, sexy way:

…The robe isn’t shown but it’s all the same fabric and full length with a single hook closure in the front.  SWOON!  And I LOVE that she’s wearing a turban!  Women had such a talent for being glamourous in times past.  It’s definitely worth collecting a few such garments if you love this era and have a few dollars to burn.  And there is nothing more self-indulgent and satisfying to shop for than lingerie – I like to buy it for myself so I can wear it and feel like I’m experiencing an event on any old Sunday morning at home, sipping tea and reading a book.  I hope this arrives here soon so I can start lounging around the house like a happy, contented cat!  -=^..^=-