I’ve been keeping my eye on all of the amazing lingerie designs in the Emma Highfield Etsy shop and hoping to buy a wicked cool bodysuit. But to my dismay I just found out that new orders can’t ship out until mid-March.  I probably should have ordered long before now because as we all know the first rule of shopping is that you can never be too quick to snap up a great find!  So this WON’T be my Valentine’s gift to myself but who’s to say I can’t have just as much fun wearing these in the springtime…?  Maybe for April Fool’s Day…?  It’s best to get an order in fast because they are also shipping from New Zealand…and with designs as adorable as these I bet they’ll get swamped really soon…!

I LOVE the full, black, sheer crushed velvet bodysuit above – such a fun flirty look!  The Zooey Deschanel look-alike model wears this high waisted panty so well.  The perfect placement of her bow tattoo ‘peeking’ through the opening makes the infamous ‘lower back tattoo’ look sweet & classy for once!  KUDOS my dear I think you’ve finally GOT it!  xoxo