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Four more days to order from Shopbop for your delivery to arrive by the Feb 14th deadline.  This year they have so many great items in honor of V-day so it’s worth a flip through their look-book above.  And YES I know a lot of people abhor or ignore Valentine’s Day.  And this is no surprise when you look at the overwhelming amount of silly hype, over-priced gifts & dinners and then the expectation to feel romantic after all that chocolate, food and wine when all you can feel is extremely bloated and sleepy.  So my humble suggestion is to come at this from another angle where you take advantage of the holiday and personally tailor the evening to focus on REAL no-pressure enjoyment.  Make a light dinner at home, watch a movie and have some sangria or a nice, fruity Pims punch.  And then focus on the romance instead – it IS priceless right?  And with all the money you are saving by skipping the expensive night out you can buy a gorgeous lingerie set so you can look FAB & feel extra great about yourself inside & out.  Just be sure to get something that makes YOU feel wonderful – your significant other will find you most attractive if YOU feel attractive.  If you DON’T have a current “other” follow all of the above instructions JUST be sure to rent a movie that doesn’t torment you about being wonderfully single & fancy-free.  Celebrate being a strong, classic woman!  Try something with gangsters; the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre or classic horror OR read a copy of The Victorian Chaise Longue which makes Ibsen’s A Doll’s House look like a fun romp through the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills….!

Alberto Vargas illustrated Marlene Dietrich on this poster for the Italian release of “The Flame Of New Orleans”,  you can click on the image to buy a reproduction for $33.

…or you can buy an original at auction for around $4,000. …but it’s more fun to NOT buy the poster and just BE the poster for one night instead… n’est ce pas?

For more Valentine’s inspiration listen to Marlene sing “Je m’ennuie” in 1933 – I LOVE this song – sound familiar?   You may have heard this play in the 1990 film Henry & June.  Another BIG favorite of mine and this would also make a lovely V-day movie to see…

…so many happy escapes from an otherwise expensive and/or mundane evening all owing to Saint Valentine!   Whoop WhoOp!   xoxo

  La Perla Spring 2012 collection