Today I had a good old fashioned fun Sunday filled with relaxing and superbowl and catching up on all the tv series we have saved on our Tivo list …so I thought I’d take a break from shopping and instead pay tribute to one of my all time favorites; vintage lingerie.  Not only is it fun to shop for and beautiful to wear but it also makes for gorgeous art work as you can see from Mark Shaw’s amazing photographes below that were part of the 1950’s Vanity Fair advertising campaign that spanned about 10 years.  Shaw created classical, stylized photographes that were as instantly recognizable back then as the Absolute Vodka bottle is in contemporary ads.  You’d never imagine these frilly nylon slip gowns could translate into such perfectly draped romanesque compositions in black and white print.  I also love how the models always cover their faces, it gives the viewer the chance to imagine every woman in these beautiful, radient, powerful poses.  I can’t help but think that I should print several of Shaw’s images and hang them up somewhere clever and fun…!   xoxo

Photos by Mark Shaw for Vanity Fair’s advertising campaign circa 1953