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…on infamous Australian designer Florence Broadhurst whose innovative and exotic wallpaper & fabric designs from the 1970’s are as unforgettable and timeless as the woman herself.  This spring, Kate Spade has commissioned a select group of these graphic designs and they now appear on various clothing, bags, shoes, accessories & home design items from their collection now selling online and in stores.

If you are familiar with Florence Broadhurst you will know why I am so thrilled to have new items on the market imprinted with her designs.  I have an obsession with the late Mrs. Broadhurst ever since I read the above book; Florence Broadhurst: Her Secret & Extraordinary Lives. It gives a wonderful glimpse into the exotic world of this amazing businesswoman, designer, painter, singer and banjolele player.  I highly recommend giving it a read.  But even without knowing the story of her exciting life and mysterious end, her designs still speak volumes for themselves.  The Kate Spade/Broadhurst collection offers a fun way to bring Florence into your daily life, so have a look and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!  If you don’t find your favorite Florence designs on the Kate Spade site then search on EBAY for scraps of fabric and paper that occasionally turn up and can be framed or sewn into a pillow case or some such item.  Some Etsy.com sellers use Broadhurst fabric in their bags and small accessory designs as well, BUT if you need large scale paper or fabric then check out Signature Prints; the Australian company that, since 2002, owns all of Florence Broadhurst’s designs and sells the complete collection of wallpaper and fabric patterns to the true Florence Broadhurst enthusiasts.

A baby tote, but it will look even cuter with OUT a baby… n’est-ce pas?

A 2012 Desktop Spiral Calendar with pages of Broadhurst/Spade designs…AND here’s an idea: at the end of the year pull out all the designs and frame & hang them in a small group above your home office desk or some quaint little corner of your home.