Poster - Easter Parade_01.jpg

I always watch Easter Parade, 1948 in Technicolor, this time of year and enjoy the fun songs, dance numbers and the incompreable Judy G. singing, acting and dancing with the amazing Fred Astaire.  The fashion always WOWs me.  I think I would have loved to live in the 1940s to experiance the fashion and fantastic hats that everyone wore…!

1362506306_3.pngJudy Garland - Easter Parade 3.jpgeaster-parade-garland-green-dress.jpg  1940s-fashion-the-definitive-sourcebook.jpg1940s-wool-tilt-hat.jpg It’s nice to know that designers still make lovely chapeaus and that NYC still hosts the Easter Parade every year.  (New York City Easter Parade 2015 hat below) Prehaps some wonders will never cease!  xoxo